Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) Ferry Fuel Surcharge
Cars disembarking from a Washington State Ferry at a station


The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) is seeking public input on possible ferry fare changes that would be implemented starting this fall.

Why are fares changing?

As part of the two-year state budget cycle, the Legislature sets the requirement for how much revenue must be generated from ferry fares. The ferry fare revenue requirement in the recently passed 2023-2025 Transportation Budget is $418.6 million and to achieve this, it is assumed that all fares will increase 4% each year over the two year budget timeframe. While this assumption is made, it is up to the Commission to decide how the revenue requirement is ultimately achieved. This is where we need your input.

Please respond to the survey below to help inform how passenger, vehicle and peak season fares could be adjusted to meet the updated revenue requirements. The WSTC will use your input to inform their fare change proposal that will be released this June.